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Coffee Boy’s Cream – Angel Rivers & Roman Capellini

Coffee Boy’s Cream – Angel Rivers & Roman Capellini
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Blond boy Angel Rivers is far too tempting a sight for a lad like Roman Capellini to ignore when the dark-haired boy strolls past him sitting on a bench in the park. It’s great that he already has an opening line, recognizing Angel from the coffee shop in town. Roman is a smooth-talking boy, with a little flattery he soon has the twink following him back to his place for some BoyFun. In moments of their arrival the two are shirtless and making out, the hard cock in Angel’s pants being revealed for greedy Roman to suck and lick. His perfectly pink appendage is so tasty it seems Roman could worship it for hours, but smooth boy Angel can’t wait to get at his new friend’s even bigger cock. Roman’s thick length is a mouthful but the blond boy can handle it, he’s so desperate for that juicy tool it won’t be long before he’s offering his snug hole for Roman to fill. Indeed, with a little fingering and licking between the boy’s ass cheeks Roman is easing his fat tip inside, following it up with every girthy inch of his warm and bareback tool, humping up into his buddy with deep and powerful thrusts. The standing fuck at the edge of the stairs gets his meat even deeper, with Angel’s gorgeous cock throbbing all the while, precum oozing from his hooded helmet as the pleasure grows. Finally on his back with his legs in the air the young twink takes an even harder pounding, his cock desperate for release while his new pal pumps in and out. With a shared wank to finish Angel makes a hot thick mess over his stomach, the sight of juicy goo quickly encouraging Roman’s big dick to launch a splashing mess over the boy’s cute face. I guess the next time Roman visits the coffee place he’ll be asking for extra cream.


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