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Elder Garner – Ordination with Bishop Davies

Elder Garner – Ordination with Bishop Davies
Elder Garner is incredibly excited as today he finally ends his journey in the mission, becoming one of the men of the Order. The boy has dreamt of his Ordination for months, and now that it has come, he hopes that he can live up to the task of joining the high priesthood. He has so much respect, reverence, and desire for the men of the Order that he can’t even fathom becoming one of them himself. He hopes that some element of the ceremony will provide him with the confidence to step into his new role as a guide of missionary boys. He knows how much this experience has helped him in his own growth and development, and there is no question that he wants to pay it forward. The confidence, strength, and sharpness that the journey has provided will be something that sticks with him forever. And now he is ready to begin a new journey, as a member of the powerful secret organization that has been breeding him all along. He is paired with Bishop Davies, one of his favorite priests, and Garner can’t keep the happiness from his face as the ceremony starts. Usually the meetings with the priests are solemn, serious affairs. But today, Davies returns the boy’s smile. It’s a time to celebrate! He let’s the boy fit his thick cock into his mouth, licking and sucking as he prepares to offer his asshole to the sexy priest. Then, Garner bends over on the altar and lets the priest plow his tight hole from behind while he moans in pleasure. Davies is pleased with Garner’s body, and knows he will be a wonderful member of the Order. And as the ceremony ends, he plants his sticky seed deep in the boy’s gut to stamp him a member of the high priesthood once and for all.


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