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Worshipping big balls young dude Fernando

Worshipping big balls young dude Fernando
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Worshipping big balls young dude Fernando video almost did not happen, this sexy half Latino half White, young construction worker was not interested in wondering in BeefCakeHunter Land at first. He is very into MILFs, he likes experienced people, but after giving it some thought, he decided that was not a bad idea in getting some experienced oral attention and make some bucks in the process. Beefcake Fernando is outgoing, he likes to talk, and it is a lovely experience watching his beautiful blue/grey eyes while chatting with him. He can easily smile or laugh, and he is not afraid to say or show what he likes. Anyways, after the initial chat about his and my adventures; when I was just unwrapping his goods, he tried to get distracted by the pussy porn playing, but little by little I was awaking another BCH hidden gem like some Hunters say. He got more intense and verbal, and so did I. I was really enjoying Worshipping big balls young dude Fernando 🙂 What I did not expect at all was that, at some point to have my head grabbed by him to hold my throat for a longer time on his cock. At that moment I felt that I was giving him the ok to explore more of his fresh young body. As you may now know, I am really into guys wearing black socks, and I let myself go wild by kissing his legs and socks. I know some Hunters would prefer to see the bare feet, so I promise you that you will see that in the next video. The amount of time I dedicated to those big balls help to bring Fernando more and more to the zone, to the point that he suddenly grabbed my head again and buried it in between his balls and ass. I just realized while editing this video that he was craving some rimming, so after he did that, I rimmed him good, while jerking him off at the same time. The rimming part got intense, and everything indicated that it would make the trick to make him bust. So, I let him take charge of his cock while I totally concentrated on his hole. A few seconds later he busted that sweet two days load! I hope you guys enjoy this video Worshipping big balls young dude Fernando, and please Hunters continue to be safe, we are together in this! Love you guys!


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