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Beefcake Kip swallowed to the last drop

Beefcake Kip swallowed to the last drop
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Beefcake Kip was in town a few months ago, celebrating his ninth marriage anniversary, but that didn’t stop him from spending some time with me at BeefCakeHunter Land (my backyard, this time around) and make some bucks. We had some shots of Mezcal, he saw me eating the worm from the previous bottle and he wanted to try it himself, lol. He is always fun to be around. If I had left the whole chat in this video, it would be way longer, so I just left some interesting parts, one of them was his loyalty pledge to BCH. After the chat, while he was smoking a cigarette, I slowly began sucking his perfect big cock, gently using my hands at moments just the way he likes it. It wasn’t long until we had that big white cock at his max size. All this while I touched his chest, meanwhile thinking: this time I’m going to get Beefcake Kip swallowed to the last drop… hmm He didn’t hesitate to grab my head and push it deeper to his cock. I must admit that I wish I had a bigger mouth for his tool, but he also has learned how to get the maximum pleasure out of my oral service. It is noticeable when he softly moans and gives me some dirty talk, all this is happening as he smokes a couple of cigarettes, I know there are Hunters out there that enjoy that very much as I do, I hope you just don’t mind some traffic noise. For the grand finale, I concentrate my mouth on his delicious cock head and I used my hands to jerk him off at the same time. The intensity of his breath was amazing, so intense I heard him say “I am going to cum”. At that moment I wrapped my lips to his cock to not let out any drop of his salty flavored jizz. He seemed amazed by my tenancy in doing that lol, he did not expect it! I hope you guys enjoy this video Beefcake Kip swallowed to the last drop, thanks for your support and please be safe.


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