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Cristo is kind of a shy guy. He really wanted to push his boundaries and do something he would not normally think to do. He is into men, and I think he is into the 30-50 age range and definitely likes the ‘dad bod’ look. Cristo has a few favorite porn stars, all of which are definitely in their late 40 to 50’s, with giant cocks and a clear ‘Daddy’ vibe. All of them are Tops that like to dominate their Bottoms. That is not to say Cristo is always a submissive Bottom. He says he can be a bossy Bottom too! Taking control and using his daddy for his own pleasure. He loves jock straps and having his ass fucked hard. Cristo has a nice Irish 7.5 inch cock on him, and he is quite comfortable doing the solo. We did have to sacrifice a pillow for his cum shot. He wanted to cum on his knees and I had just discovered a throw pillow that um’ somebody must have already cum on? I don’t remember that happening, so I knew I would be tossing it. Better the pillow than the entire comforter. So, Cristo added his load to it, and I think it made it cum even faster, knowing that he was adding his own layer of DNA!


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