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Incident #206 – A Pretty Boy’s Descent

Contraband in the House is a huge no-no. But finding this shit in the personal effects of a conceited, bratty little snot like this new resident just makes our blood boil. Two of us confronted him right away and then proceeded to make sure he’d get with the program immediately.

Aside from some county jail time, this guy has never been institutionalized, and it shows. He’s messy, he talks back, and he thinks his “pretty boy” looks will help him out of any situation. Problem is, when you’re in a House full of dudes, being the pretty boy usually just means you’re the one getting fucked in the ass. Just in case he didn’t understand that concept, we demonstrated for him. It was important to me personally, and my buddy, that this low life was quickly disabused of the notion of skating through his time here. We mean business about helping people get better and become productive members of society.

We basically threw everything but the kitchen sink at the guy, and he kept up, which actually was quite impressive. He was going back and forth on our dicks with his mouth, and then with his ass. He didn’t even slow down when he got drenched in his own stash. He might have had a cock tear or two dripping down his cheek. I even half believed him when he said that he wanted to get better. I wrote on his chest while I was thrusting my cock into him, and he didn’t even look down to see what I wrote. This one is a cocky son of a bitch for sure. But at the end of the day, we House Managers were satisfied and this guy was lying on the floor in a pool of cum that had just dripped out of his ass, his face affixed to the floor with my foot. I wonder if it occurred to him that he might not be on top of the totem pole at this place? Well, even so, he is going to have a hard road ahead of him. But at least he won’t be sneaking bottles around. And since he likes shots, I gave him a shot of my jizz. He almost didn’t keep it down, but he managed. He’s OK at blowjobs but his ass feels amazing, so we’re going to be keeping a close watch on him from this point onward. If it’s a descent he wants, then a descent he shall have.

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