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Incident #184 – Bitch Training 101

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18 is awfully young to be getting into so much trouble, but wowzers do these guys manage to do it! It might start off with a simple exchange behind the corner store, but before these teens know it, they’re in a bad way: pawning their parents’ electronics, kiting their checks, ordering gift cards online that they can exchange for goodies. Although it all seems very white collar criminal to them, the consequences are just the same as if they would commit a violent act. And then, when it finally dawns on them how deep the shit-river is, and how small their paddle is, it’s too late. This guy should have had it made. You name it: high school sports, prom queen girlfriend, nice car without so much as having to pay his own insurance. Yet, here he is. The funny thing is, while his self-perception might have been that he was king of the world, he was really just descending into a dark world where he’s just another teenage bitch. Well, teen bitches are our specialty here at the House. Some residents already know they are bitches, having traded their mouths and cunts for party favors more than once. Others, like this poor fellow, need to have it hammered into their thick skulls as soon as possible. It’s only from lying on your back in the hole you’ve dug yourself, that you can finally see the stars. I can’t say that I wasn’t pleased as punch to initiate him – he’s just my kind of recent high school grad: built like a state finals wrestler, smooth as the foam on a good cappuccino, and as untouched as an Ansel Adams landscape. Hell, I didn’t even let him get one good night’s sleep before I laid my hands on him. The terror on his face when I slid my hands up his gym shorts was just the beginning, too. By the time he was choking on my cock, I knew that this one was gonna be my favorite bitch of the season. When he lifted those remarkably strong legs of his in the air, and I saw his boy pussy, I knew I was in for a treat. It had the color of a spring rose that faded into a bright pomegranate red. Since I was training him to be the bitch that he is, I had him lube me up instead of doing it myself, and by the time I had my cock a quarter of the way up his love tunnel, I could tell he was the best feeling teen I’d been in all year. I eagerly loosened him up before letting myself go full throttle. Of course (and I knew this all along), once he was riding my dick, all I had to do was say “You can do better,” and he was bouncing up and down on his own accord like a seesaw in a hurricane. I soon rolled him over and dropped my load into his virgin hole, and when it was all over, I told him to smile. The look of anguish disappeared from his face into a big grin! Yep, this bitch got trained. Now at least he’ll be somewhat useful until he gets his life together.


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