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Dane Riding Roman

Dane Riding Roman
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Last time we saw Dane and Roman together, Roman was getting thoroughly, royally fucked by Dane. The chemistry between these two was amazing, Roman clearly loved having Dane’s stiff dick drilling his hole, and Dane holding absolutely nothing back as he had his way with Roman’s ass. Now, we get to see the incredible chemistry between these two again as Roman has his way with Dane’s ass! Dane’s dick is a testament to just how much chemistry exists between these two – as Dane’s on all fours eager for Roman’s cock to slide in to him, his own dick is hard and leaking. There’s no missing that precum dripping out! Dane’s dick stays completely hard throughout their entire fuck, in fact, and only seems to get more hard with every one of Roman’s thrusts. The longer these two fuck and the more turned on Roman gets, the more dominant he becomes. He’s loving having Dane’s flawless ass on the receiving end of his pumps and thrusts, and loves seeing and hearing Dane’s reactions each time he drives his dick in deep. Ultimately neither one of these studs can contain themselves any longer, as Dane blows his load with Roman’s dick inside him, and Roman pulls out to coat Dane’s balls and hole in cum!


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