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Incident #204 – Cum Bucket Tagged

Alexander missed curfew, and we decided to give him double treatment. After me and the junior House Manager approached him, he said that he missed curfew because he wasn’t paying attention to the time. We made sure that he’d always be looking at the clock from that point forward.

After having this teenager trouble maker get down on his knees, he serviced both of our cocks, alternating between one and another while jerking the other off. Then we tried to fit both of our cocks in that pretty mouth of his. He gave a halfway decent BJ, not gonna lie. After that, though, we decided to see how his hole would stand up to the both of us.

Starting in doggie, we progressively loosened up his hole. His cunt felt damn good. To our surprise, when we rolled him over onto his back he was sporting a chub. Each of us fucked him, but it was with the thickest one that he ended up jerking himself off and cumming. I guess he either really deep down liked it, or he thought he’d just go with the flow. At any rate, he was the first to get off. But we kept fucking him until we were both close. My buddy creampied him next, and I nutted on his hole. By that point, he had a wide open gaper going, and it looked good smothered in cum.

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