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The Auction – Diego Wolf, Artur Zanety, Kadu Castro, Serginho, Danilo Oliveira, Heitor Guerra, Henrique Roma & Joaquim Roma

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This film contains seven scenes, eight actors and 2 hours of duration, including behind the scenes footage and interviews at the end. It is our longest production. This is part of the celebration of our 12th anniversary. Every November we bring you special productions and there is a lot more to come. Remember last year, when we released Eleven, a film with 11 black guys? A blackout interrrupts an auction when the highest bid is made. When the lights are back on, the painting being sold vanishes. There is a fuss and an investigator is in charge of making interrogations. When the stories that happen in the background are unfolded, they reveal that there was a lot of sex going on among all of them. Sex for fun and for money. One of the highlights of this film is Kadu Castro being bottom and Serginho fucking three times. Henrique Roma plays the role of the businessman and Joaquim Roma is the famous painter. They are married in real life.


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