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Leo Grand & Zeke Wood

Leo Grand & Zeke Wood
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Leo Grand and Zeke Wood hit it off in their first meeting and in this flip-fuck directed by Tayte Hanson, they happily go from sensuous to edgy. As they start kissing, their hands began to wander, and it isn’t long before Zeke is sucking Leo’s nipples and licking his neck and while making out, Zeke fingers Leo’s hole and gives his firm ass a resounding slap. Soon Zeke has Leo bent over so he can really finger and eat out his tasty hole before moving in front of him so Leo can suck his big dick and give vivid pleasure Soon, Zeke wants his ass eaten and lies back while Leo gives his hole the same attentive oral pleasure…and some finger probing. In response Zeke gives Leo his best sucking, taking his rigid cock into his throat. And after getting it hard & slick, Zeke wants to be fucked. With his legs up & open he takes Leo’s sensuously driven, deep thrusts, his cock hitting the target every time. Still, Zeke wants his turn, adding a kinky twist by fitting Leo with a collared harness and he proceeds to have fun with Leo’s hole again. He rims and probes him with one and two fingers and after opening him up enough Zeke plows him deep, periodically tugging on the collar as he fucks. Zeke gets close to the edge but switches it up again. Zeke withdraws to sucks Leo’s cock again…and then ride it. He dismounts several times only to suck Leo and lube his cock until his leans back, riding him to the hilt. With the help of Leo stroking him, Zeke finally lets go and shoots his load over Leo. He kisses him gratefully, but Leo isn’t done. He fucks Zeke from behind and pulls out to shoot his load over his hole and into him. Zeke & Leo couldn’t be happier, acknowledging this joy with passionate kissing.


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