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Buenos Aires Tango Boys Part 7: Dancing Tango is So Hot – Cesar Rose & Vincent Landi

Buenos Aires Tango Boys Part 7: Dancing Tango is So Hot – Cesar Rose & Vincent Landi
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We already know what happens when these guys dance tango: we don’t want to miss what happens next. Latin dancing makes young people quickly take off their clothes and show off their big, hard members. Vincent, a boy with glasses, holds his partner Cesar’s mouth tightly, while he stimulates his nipple. Vincent seems shy, but not when it comes to having sex: he’s a stud. On the couch, he continues with the thrust of his penis into the dance partner’s mouth. He sucks his penis eagerly from the trunk to the head, very juicy. Cesar surrenders to Vincent’s touch on his back, he lets his rear be enjoyed, leaning against the black leather chair. Vincent penetrates him. Cesar moans with pleasure and some pain, for his friend’s huge cock. Then the two of them sat with their legs spread on the couch, Vincent below and César on top of the penis of the boy with glasses. Vincent takes it hard as the other’s hard cock bounces in the air against his belly, with an exciting noise. As they kiss, Cesar finishes all his cum on himself and his active partner, with his penis still inside his ass. The next episode will be the last in this series, called “Last Tango in Buenos Aires,” we are going to miss this tango trip.


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