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Yusaku Gives Kaito a Happy Ending

Yusaku Gives Kaito a Happy Ending
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Kaito is happy to see edgy stud Yusaku at his bedside to perform a special massage. He’s been highly recommended and Kaito prepares by lying down as Yusaku climbs atop and starts kneading. “The best things hurt and feel good at the same time,” Yusaku mentions, to Kaito’s nervous laugh. He confesses he hasn’t had anyone on top of him in a long time, and Yusaku’s just the man for that position. Once his aching back is pushed, popped, kneaded and cracked, Kaito gets the fun happy ending he’s been pining for. Yusaku rubs his lean body against Kaito and seeks out his sensitive nipple. Kaito’s legs open up and he moans with pleasure–he’s ready for more than a nip lick. Once Yusaku sucks his thick cock to a stiffy, he moves on to Kaito’s tight muscular booty. A broad smile spreads across Kaito’s face as Yusaku’s talented tongue licks his hole. Kaito wants to get his own mouthful, and kneels for Yusaku to feed him his dick. Yusaku gets his fingers good and lubed, presses them far into Kaito’s ass and wiggles them around. He kneels behind Kaito’s upturned butt and slides in. He’s a Casanova and whispers sweet nothings to Kaito, keeps the romance turned up to “11”. Kaito whimpers with delight, wraps his arms around the tough stud. The client always cums first, and Kaito splatters his sperm across his tight belly. Happy ending accomplished, Yusaku beats his own cock and pumps out a thick load of cream as Kaito smiles.


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