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Sucking tall and sexy Beefcake George

Sucking tall and sexy Beefcake George
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Sucking tall and sexy Beefcake George was an amazing experience. Beefcake George is very chill and easy-going, and after a long day, it was exactly what I needed 🙂 George standing six-foot four inches is one of the tallest Beefcakes ever been at BeefCakeHunter Land, add to that his age, thick hairy legs, a deep voice and an eight inches cock, and you know Hunters that this would be a feast. This mixed young Beefcake likes older women, actually he is dating one for over two years. At the moment he has no steady job, just some gigs now and then, and that is how he got into the BCH experience, and I couldn’t be happier! Before Sucking tall and sexy Beefcake George, we chat about his testing experience. You guys may not know certain aspects of the production at BCH, but I think you should know this: like it wasn’t hard enough hunting these sexy straight guys before the Pandemic, now add to that the enhanced testing protocols! But well, everything is for “a good cause” like Beefcake George said lol Finally, after so many hours waiting and a nice chat I found myself between his sexy legs, touching and playing with his “package” under his underwear, his balls were warm and a little sweaty umm, and of course after I took off his underwear, that’s exactly where my mouth started its performance, and you have to see George’s facial expressions, they are priceless! Once I got that cock fully hard, I went nuts over it, he loves to get his cock head sucked hard and that cock is perfect for deep throat too, and that is what I did, at those moments was when I got the most reaction out of him… He told me from the beginning that he is not easy to cum just for head, so I knew this would be a more or less long session, and I am not complaining at all, but at the last moments I used my hands and the pressure of my mouth on his cock head, and I made him cum SO hard that he ejects a huge amount of load that went over my face, shirt and floor wow! I definitely want more of Beefcake George and he said that he is coming back, so stay tuned my friends! I hope you enjoy this Sucking tall and sexy Beefcake George video.


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