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Spring breaker George is back

Spring breaker George is back
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Spring breaker George is back, he kept his word and few days later after our first encounter he decided to come back at BeefCakeHunter Land to pound his first ass, or at least that is what he said lol I was previously requested that I should walk around sexy Beefcake George so you guys can really appreciate how tall he is. So, when this sexy young man was in the center of the BCH arena, that is exactly what I did, moments later he started to undress himself, getting his cock hard with a soft stroke, and once that thing was up and ready, I couldn’t resist the temptation to get on my knees in front of that rock hard cock in a point view angle so you guys can’t miss those eight inches that may look smaller when next to a titan like George 🙂 I kept the POV session short for then to move to the couch, where Beefcake George got very comfortable and ready to get serviced and get some deep throat that made him moan. At that point I didn’t know I was about to ride him, but what the hell! Spring breaker George is back, and why not ask him if I could ride him, the answer was a very enthusiastic yes! Again, on the couch you guys can appreciate George tall persona and ride someone like him it was amazing, probably my first-time riding someone his tall if my memory is not betraying me lol, if you guys know I am wrong please let me know lol George is always ready for business, if you know what I mean but since all this is a new territory for him, getting him to bust still a challenge, which give me the chance to try another position and why not a classic BCH doggy style! While on my fours submitted to him, George observed how his big cock was going in and out my hole, that was something expected especially if this was his first time, basically I was a new toy for this big boy, anyways without his glasses he was not able to see the pussy porn playing, so his only option was my man-pussy lol And when the timing was right, I made him seat and spread his legs while I was sucking, tonguing and jerking his perfect tool until I squeezed a big load out of him. Again, it was a massive one and George orgasm was perfect! I hope you guys enjoy this video Spring breaker George is back!


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