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Weekend with My Buddy’s Dad – Myles Landon & Danny Wilcoxx

Weekend with My Buddy’s Dad – Myles Landon & Danny Wilcoxx
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Danny listened to Ian’s stories about his old man with great interest. The two were best friends and it was only natural that they’d tell each other about the most intimate and private details of their lives. Danny knew when Ian got his first erection, when he came for the first time, even when he lost his virginity! Danny was always happy for his friend and supportive, but he couldn’t deny that he was a little jealous. He’d been eyeing his friend’s dad for a long time. He’d always try to sneak sitting next to him whenever he went over to watch a movie or have dinner. He’d even hoped one day to see him coming out of the shower or something during a sleepover. Alas, the older man seemed to stay just a fixture of his imagination, giving him a special thrill whenever Mr. Landon touched his shoulder or patted him on the back.


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