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Servicing a straight Persian dude Abdel

Servicing a straight Persian dude took a long time of persuasion. He was very skeptical about being able to successfully do it, but I took the challenge and I accommodated myself to his needs as much as I could.

Beefcake Abdel, a sexy straight dude of Persian background is a computer geek and has been without a steady job for months. Rent was soon due, so he decided to go ahead and get a helping hand in BeefCakeHunter Land, good choice dude! LOL

Like I said, in order to find myself Servicing a straight Persian dude Abdel, I wanted to make him feel comfortable. He requested to me that he would like to take a shower right before the scene, that is why you won’t see in this video the typical undressing of the Beefcake. He also wanted to get hard by himself, jerking at the pussy porn playing, which wasn’t working for him as you can see in the video. So, what better excuse to get on my knees and start savoring that delicious cock and balls. It took me a while to get him in the “zone”, but when he started getting into it, his facial expressions are priceless, hmm.

Surprisingly, Beefcake Abdel was more verbal than expected and that really kept me going. It was great to hear him say: “that is the spot”. He was also paying a lot of visual attention to my servicing, there is nothing better than to look up to his face when I was sucking his nice dick, besides he has a handsome face with beautiful green eyes 😉

When he was close, he wanted to know if he could finish on my mouth, I really think he was looking for that, and like we agreed before, he would finish himself while me licking his balls, and what a great cum-shot he gave us! A lot went into my mouth, some on my face, some on my hair, some on his belly, well, there was cum everywhere at BCH LOL!

I hope you guys enjoy this video Servicing a straight Persian dude!

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