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Klark Junak & Martin Hovor – Young Offenders

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Security guard Martin Hovor has found himself a thief, in the form of hot str8 guy Klark Junak. He takes Klark into his storeroom to question him, threatening to call the police and Klark’s parents. Searching Klark’s bag he finds the box from the phone and tells Klark him must strip. After more threats to call the police Klark stands naked, covering up his cock and balls with his hands. Martin persists with his threats to call the police unless they find another solution. That invovles Martin’s stiff dick being pulled out and Klark having to wank him. Then he is made to lick the cock head. As he wanks the cock Klark then leans forward and begins to suck on the big dick. His mouth sucks on the big cock hard and then takes more into his mouth. Martin fucks the dick into that mouth as he holds the back of Klark’s head. Martin lowers his uniform and move Klark onto his knees. He shoves that big cock into Klark’s hairy ass, quickly going all the way in. The big cock stretches that hot, hairy, hole as Martin fucks it deep. His fucking is with long strokes as he works that hole. Then Klark lays on his back for more fucking, wanking his own cock as he takes Martin’s. He wanks himself hard as Martin pounds his tight hole. That big didk pulls out and shoves back into the ass and Klark continues to wank hard. Martin’s fucking gets even harder as Klark’s cum is released from his cock. That cum sticks to his hand as he milks his dick. Martin continues fucking until he is ready to cum too. then he pulls out and dump hisload over Klark’s cock and balls. Then he let’s Klark go.


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