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My Dad’s Brother is Hung! – Austin Young & Anthony Divino

My Dad’s Brother is Hung! – Austin Young & Anthony Divino
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Mr. Divino has always loved spending time with his brother and his boy, Austin. Even when he was younger, Austin would always greet him with a big smile and a tight hug. The tiny boy barely came up to his chest, but managed to wrap his arms around him so snugly that he could hardly breathe. Austin’s affections were certainly returned by his uncle, but there was always a distance he tried to maintain. Mr. Divino wasn’t blind to how Austin had developed. Even as a young adult, Austin still had his sweet, innocent face and boyish features, but he had grown strong, mature shoulders and a toned, slim body. Mr. Divino and his brother were also a bit wiry and lean, impressed at the strength of their genes. Of course, Mr. Divino wasn’t skinny everywhere. Concealed in Mr. Divino’s white brief underwear was a massive, thick cock that was about as thick as his wrist. He’d been self-conscious of it when he was younger, but now as a grown man, he loved seeing the look on another man’s face when they saw his monster manhood. It gave him a special thrill to see someone try to take it. And just recently, he’d given the opportunity to someone he never thought possible… his own son. Mr. Divino didn’t think he’d ever get comfortable with the idea of his own boy sucking his shaft and taking his load, but the more it happened, the more he came to crave it. He found it all the more sweet to share his body with his family, and he found himself starting to set his eyes on his nephew, Austin. It happened without much thought. Mr. Divino came to spend the night, passing through town on a work trip and needing a place to crash. After a shower and a quick bite to eat, Mr. Divino settled into his room with his laptop, queuing up some porn to get off and get some rest. Just before he pulled out his cock to start stroking, a knock came at his bedroom door: Austin. The older man was ready to send the young man away, telling him he was indecent, but his dirty mind was too far gone to retreat. Letting the boy in, he didn’t close his screen or hide from his nephew just what it was he was doing. Austin didn’t shy away, curious to see what it was his uncle was doing. Austin saw the massive bulge in his uncle’s underwear, sending blood directly from his flushed cheeks to his loins. It was bigger than he ever imagined, and he spent many nights picturing what his uncle’s cock would look like. Even in the tighty whities, it was clear it was thicker and heavier than most he’d ever encountered. Inviting Austin to sit closer, Mr. Divino opened up his body for him to get a better look, aware that he was in nothing more than his underwear and a robe. It was more naked than he’d ever been with Austin, but he found the boy to be more comfortable than he expected.


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