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Riding Beefcake Marquis really good

Riding Beefcake Marquis really good
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Riding Beefcake Marquis really good scene was the natural next step in my quest to enjoying this hot man to the max! But first, I did my BCH signature act: waiting on my knees by the door to perform my welcoming blowjob to BeefCakeHunter Land 🙂 Beefcake Marquis was again in town for a few days, so I asked him to pay me a visit, to which he replied: “why not?”, after all, his BBC was missing my mouth, as you clearly noticed in these hot several minutes that I spent just adoring and devouring, lol, his wood! You can tell I was in BCH heaven between his legs just begging him for more cock! All this devotion seemed to increase his libido and desire to punish me as I was requesting him, after all, as an alpha male, he loves to hear and know I was there with all my holes for his pleasure…. Once on the couch, getting him “ready” to plug me, he helped me with the condom, and of course as is usual with him, he throw some jokes, the energy was perfect for the moment, but even like that, I had some troubles getting him inside me, his cock is big and thick in some parts that is not an easy task just slide in my man-pussy , you can hear encouraging myself, after all, I have done this for a while lol Good thing I am small, so he can handle me very well when I am on his lap. He accommodates himself, so his cock was perfectly positioned for Riding Beefcake marquis really good, and I really mean it, within the category of riding were other sub-categories that probably I haven’t done before… or who knows, I have ridden for a while. I knew he was very into the “zone” when suddenly he decided to lift me up and fuck me like that, I was totally amazed! I loved that he took control by going out of the script and do whatever he pleases, kind of remind me of one of the scenes with Beefcake Marcus. I won’t lie, I was a little scared that he may left me fall, and bye-bye, no more BCH lol Back on the couch, while I was submerged in BBC ecstasy, I was unintentionally edging him, I didn’t know what to do to prevent an early orgasm, I was confused, I love his accent, but I couldn’t understand him, so I just continued in my selfish pleasure lol And when I thought the moment was right, I gave him the green light to explode, and what an explosion of abundant white thick fresh sperm flew all over the place, but my butt, but I was pleased with the outcome of that cum-shot, because it went straight to the Hunters eyes and hopefully mouths.


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