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Joshua Oaks & Legrand Wolf – Dr. Wolf’s Office

Joshua Oaks & Legrand Wolf – Dr. Wolf’s Office
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Joshua had only been in town a couple weeks before the need came for him to get a new doctor. Starting a new job, new insurance, he had to find a new PCP. He’d never been personally connected to a doctor before, so he just scrolled through names online. The name “Wolf” intrigued him, and since he knew he was more or less completely healthy, he scheduled an appointment with the lupine-named medic. Joshua knew he’d made the right choice when Dr. Wolf entered the room. The doctor was strikingly handsome, his beautiful, masculine face perfect framed by a pair of glasses. Around his neck was a stethoscope, resting comfortably over his long white lab coat. “Long”, being the operative work, as Joshua notices instantly how tall he was! Joshua had always been shorter and slighter, spending most of his youth as the runt of his siblings. He never thought much of it beyond the usual shopping experiences, trying to find clothes that fit his smaller body that didn’t have superheroes or cartoons on them. Even in his personal life, his size never really came up …except for when he took off his pants. Most guys don’t expect someone of his height to have a dick as big as his, something that Joshua didn’t mind at all. But when it came to Dr. Wolf, Joshua felt the stark contrast between them. Getting measured, weighed, and inspected thrust the giant man right beside him. Joshua was struck by how he only came up to his chest, practically beneath his armpits! He went through the motions of being a compliant, easy-going patient, doing as the bigger man asked, all the while feeling a rise in his loins that was sure to get noticed. When Dr. Wolf put his hands on Joshua’s chest, it became clear that he wasn’t going to be able to hide his arousal. Joshua tried to steady his breathing, but every look and touch felt so intimate and charged witch sexual tension that he could hardly believe this was a routine visit. He’d been on dates with less chemistry! As the exam progressed, Joshua was laid out on the table, arms to the side while Dr. Wolf began to palpate his chest and stomach. His experienced hands moved downward, feeling toward his groin and around his genitals. As the doctor leaned over against the side of the table, Joshue could feel something unexpected brush against his hand: Dr. Wolf’s hard cock! He couldn’t believe it! Not only was he getting aroused, but the doctor was well! Joshua didn’t know what to do, lying patiently as the older man touched him, trying to stay professional. But in a moment of bravery, Joshua’s hand moved toward Dr. Wolf’s crotch. It felt hard and massive, easily bigger than his own, which is pretty big already! He imagined the beautiful sight of this Titan of man with his monster cock. It was then that Dr. Wolf looked at him and said, “Do you want an exam or do you want to play?” It was said with a friendly, inviting tone that made Joshua’s cock instantly perk up. This was happening! “Maybe both?” he said sheepishly, not sure how to proceed but wanting to make it clear (even more than his bulge indicated) just what he wanted. Dr. Wolf smiled, gave Joshua’s crotch a playful grope, and said he’ll finish the exam out and then they can have a little fun. For the remainder of the checkup, Joshua couldn’t tell what was routine and what was flirting, knowing that he was minutes away from getting the handsome giant’s cock in his hand…


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