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Life is good with Marquis

Life is good with Marquis
Before going back to his hometown, Beefcake Marquis decided to stop by at BeefCakeHunter Land again, after all it is a win-win situation for him: he gets to spend more time with his new friend (me) and to make some extra bucks, just in time for the holidays. For me it is a win-win situation as well, Life is good with Marquis around. But it wasn’t always like that, he opened himself to us in this scene, and tells the story about the bad decisions he made when he was younger, by what he is telling us, BCH was his first job offer after he spent several years locked up. Now he is getting his life in order, he learned his lesson, he thinks positive about the future and of course here at BCH we will lend him a hand and a mouth 🙂 , he is a good guy, and we all deserve a second chance. After that intense chat, I felt more connected with him, and I wanted to lay to his side and caress him while we change to different topics, that by the minute were becoming irrelevant when the urge to service him took me over. Before worshipping his magnificent BBC and his upper body, taking his clothes off felt like a ritual, at moments it seems that I even could have stolen a kiss from his lips, yeah, Life is good with Marquis. I could suck him for long, but he warned me about a possible early orgasm, so I laid on my stomach and I got him fucking me that way, deep and hard. Then we switched to the missionary position, where I felt his cock even deeper inside me, he had a good energy and stamina, he is the kind of sex machine that can control his cum as long he is in control. Riding him for a minute or two, after the long and deep missionary fuck was the cherry on top for this session. Then I made him seat, so I can suck him to completion…ummm.


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