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Son Swap – Danny Wilcoxx, Legrand Wolf, Jack Dixon & Richie West

Son Swap – Danny Wilcoxx, Legrand Wolf, Jack Dixon & Richie West
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Mr. Dixon never intended to open up about his relationship with his son, Danny. As a private person, he knew that it could be problematic if people knew just how close the two of them were. What he didn’t anticipate was it coming out with his friend, Dr. Wolf. The two of them had known each other for years, but never really talked about their sex lives too deeply. They both knew they were gay men with boys of their own, but that was pretty much it. It wasn’t until they planned a shared trip with their boys that the cat came out of the bag. Dr. Wolf could see how comfortable Mr. Dixon was with Danny. They had no problem touching each other or being physically close. They had a pretty good sized tent to split between them, but Danny and his dad seemed very determined to stay pretty much skin to skin all the time. Dr. Wolf was very similar with his boy, Richie, but given his reputation and job, tried to not make it seem obvious that the two were fucking regularly! When Dr. Wolf asked Mr. Dixon pointedly if he ever saw Danny naked, the bearded man hesitated answering, trying to figure out the right answer. Dr. Wolf could figure out what was up before he eventually admitted to seeing him not just naked, but hard as well. Dr. Wolf listened intently as Mr. Dixon described catching his boy jerking off. Dr. Wolf admitted to wanting to see Danny’s big hard dick, something that Mr. Dixon found it more appealing than he imagined. As much as Dixon loved Danny, he knew he couldn’t keep him all to himself. And he couldn’t think of a better man than Dr. Wolf. Besides… something about the idea of the little guy being fucked by the handsome doctor made Dixon’s cock swell up. Dr. Wolf then shared just how he and Richie started fucking, making Mr. Dixon think about the beautiful ginger boy in a whole new way. Dixon always saw Richie as a quiet, shy boy who was afraid of his own shadow. But he knew he’d have to be pretty brave to take his old man’s cock. The two men both started fantasizing about the other’s son, imagining not only the excitement of fucking a new bottom, but watching as their beloved boys get fucked in front of them. The two didn’t really know how to go about making a swap of their sons happen, but as the camping trip progressed, their close quarters seemed to provide the perfect opportunity. Danny had been trying to keep up with his taller hiking companions the entire weekend, practically double-stepping to not hold them back. He was easily a foot shorter than Dr. Wolf, so he had to do quite a bit of fast walking on pretty rocky and rooty ground. By the end of the day, his ankle was sore as hell! He didn’t want to cause any alarm or make it seem like he wasn’t enjoying himself, but eventually he had to have the handsome Dr. Wolf give it a look. Mr. Dixon watched as Dr. Wolf examined his boys’ ankle, getting hard at watching his friend’s hand take part of Danny’s body. Danny leaned back, watching as the tall daddy handled him, shooting looks at Mr. Dixon as if looking for permission to enjoy it. Mr. Dixon gave him a subtle nod, imperceptible to Richie and Dr. Wolf, but enough to let him know that he was good to get turned on. Once Dr. Wolf was done making sure Danny was fine, Dixon laughed, “You’re not even going to kiss it?” Dr. Wolf smiled and felt his face slightly flush. He knew this was more than just an invitation for sweet bedside manner. He looked at Danny and at Richie. Danny was breathless as he held onto his ankle, practically begging for more. And Richie? He was just enamored with his dad, seeing him take special care of his new friend. It wasn’t planned, but it was the perfect moment. Dr. Wolf asked Danny to take off his pants and the boy did without hesitation. Underneath he wore tall socks that practically went past his knees. Dr. Wolf kissed down his leg and rubbed his calves and ankle in a way that made Danny’s boy cock rise up in his underwear. Richie watched closely, curious to see what would happen next. Mr. Dixon moved behind him, holding the ginger boy in place as the two of them watched the Wolf and Danny show happening in front of them. Once Mr. Dixon put his arm around Richie’s waist, holding him tightly and affectionately, Dr. Wolf put his hand on Danny’s crotch, feeling his hard cock and playful, full testicles. Mr. Dixon’s heart beat hard in his chest, looking over at his boy being fondled by his buddy. It was hard for Richie to ignore the bearded man’s massive cock growing behind him, practically boring a hole in his back. Richie turned to him, looking at his dad’s friend, and feeling a desire to see what he was feeling. He locked eyes with Mr. Dixon, who slowly and cautiously moved in closer. He practically expected Richie to turn away and not meet his lips, but he was seeing the boy in a whole new light: brave, bold, and horny for him. Dr. Wolf pulled Danny close to him, putting him between his lap and stroking the boy’s cock as he watched his boy pull out Mr. Dixon’s massive member. Dr. Wolf’s eyes went wide when he saw Richie stretch his jaw to take it into his mouth. He was so proud of him that he could take it, but also so happy that he was able to watch. Dr. Wolf knew there was nothing better than fucking his own boy, but he was loving seeing Richie with someone he trusted so closely… And with Danny’s cock well handled in his grip, he was excited to have Mr. Dixon see Danny do the same…


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