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Things went bad – Rogerio Interior, Giovani, Mayrom Paulista, Mario Rasta & Junior Coah

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Director Mayrom called three newcomers to shoot a porn movie. Cameraman Giovani divides his time between filming and acting. The rookie actors are Rogerio, Rasta and Junior. It had everything to go right, but… it went bad! The actors couldnĀ“t interpret what was in the script at all, so the director gets stressed and Giovani works things out. He saves the scene by telling the actors to forget about the script and do what they do best: fuck! The result was better than expected. A bareback group sex which put together everyone, including the director, with double penetration and a lot of cum. Rasta is one of the newbies, from Rio de Janeiro and 25 years old. Junior Coah came from the Amateur section. His first video was a success because he is all ripped and has a big dick. He is 34 years old, from Rio de Janeiro and hung.


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