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Idle Fantasies: Doctor’s Deception – Michael Boston & Dakota Payne

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Dakota Payne enters an exam room to find his next patient, Michael Boston, waiting for him. They exchange pleasantries, and it is revealed that Dakota is filling in for Michael’s regular doctor. He asks Michael to change into a nearby medical gown, and waits just outside the door to give the patient some privacy. As Michael changes into the gown, Dakota can’t help but sneak a peek through the door and gaze at Michael’s exquisite body. Once Michael is ready, Dakota comes in and asks some preliminary medical questions. There are hints of subtle attraction from Dakota, though Michael doesn’t notice. Dakota performs a routine checkup, using various tools to check Michael’s heart, lungs and throat. As he works, Dakota finds subtle ways to be handsy with Michael, touching his skin and feeling his body when he can. At one point, Dakota asks Michael to disrobe entirely so that he can examine his more private areas. Michael does, and Dakota snaps on his rubber gloves with a subtle look of desire in his eyes. Dakota continues the exam, getting handsier and handsier until he arrives at Michael’s balls and cock. As Dakota examines these, Michael gets an erection. Dakota keeps his composure, assuring his patient that this happens all the time. He then asks Michael to flip over and begins to examine his ass. Finally, Dakota announces that they will be performing a full rectal exam. Dakota inserts lubricant into Michael’s asshole and then performs some tests with various medical instruments, starting with the outside of Michael’s ass and then gradually moving inside. Michael starts to get very aroused as well, so Dakota pulls out his dick and starts masturbating. At one point, Dakota puts his hard cock into Michael’s ass, misleading the turned on Michael into thinking it’s another tool. When Michael realizes what is happening, he is totally into it and lets Dakota fuck him doggystyle. Dakota then flips Michael over onto the exam table and tops him. After this, Dakota lies back on the table and lets Michael ride his cock in squatting cowboy. Michael climbs off of Dakota and gives him a blowjob, and then lets Dakota fuck him some more in various missionary variations. With Michael lying on the table again, Dakota facefucks him from the side as Michael masturbates. Dakota then gives Michael a blowjob and takes Michael off the table, switching places with him. Michael mounts Dakota again and rides him in reverse cowboy, shifting to kneeling doggystyle as Michael cums. Dakota then finishes the job, fucking Michael in missionary and then cumming on his face. With the checkup complete, it’s clear that Michael and Dakota have pushed the boundaries of their new relationship- both medically and personally.


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