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Koldo Goran & Atreyu

The men are lining up for a ride on Koldo Goran’s pole-of-pleasure, so we can hand pick the hottest, most manly studs as bottoms. Atreyu is totally my type, bearded, bald, hairy and horny as fuck. Artreyu can’t wait to suck, lick and tongue Koldo’s thickening, stiffening member, there’s a lot of foreskin to cover a lot of bulbous cock head, but Atreyu is an old hand and a real trier, he’s getting as much of that down his throat as he can and then spreading his hairy, wet arse cheeks to take the whole thing, bareback inside him. Koldo smash fucks this hottie, in every position before he turns him over and then we see what really get Koldo off – eating ass, big time. He rims and sucks and tongues that freshly fucked, dilated hole, and pulls back to squirt a thick wad right into Atreyu’s saucy little arse dip!

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