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Hey Man, Can I Try Your Fleshlight? – Devin Trez & Damien White

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Two straight buddies, Devin Trez and Damien White, are hanging out at Devin’s house, watching TV on the couch. As they flip through channels, Devin asks Damien how things are going with his girlfriend, Jennifer. Damien says that things aren’t going so well with her, so Devin boasts that he doesn’t have any relationship worries, because he has his own ‘Jennifer’… a sex toy that’s shaped like a pussy. Devin says the toy feels SO amazing that he doesn’t need a girlfriend. Damien becomes intrigued, and asks if he can borrow the sex toy. But Devin says there’s NO WAY he’s lending it to him, because Damien has a bad habit of not giving back the things that he borrows. Damien suggests that he can try using the toy right here and now, so that way Devin can get it back immediately afterwards. Agreeing that sounds fair, Devin hands the toy over to Damien, who experimentally fingers the hole in the toy and then puts it onto his cock so he can try masturbating with it. Devin finds himself unexpectedly aroused by the sight of Damien jerking off with the toy, and asks if he can have a turn. The two guys take turns using the toy to jerk off, until they both get so turned on that they find excuses to take things further, having sex with each other even though they’re TOTALLY not gay… right?