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Incident #216 – Punk’s Cherry Pried Open

It’s fairly rare that we get a resident so completely obstinate that we are forced to break him the hard way. Usually, by the time they get to us, they are already resigned to their lot, and they are simply looking forward to “doing their time” and returning to whatever shithole they came from in the first place. This guy, though, arrived with a bad attitude that was way worse than most. In fact, it almost seemed like he was criminally deranged. Well, we House Managers like a challenge, so we took him up on it.

His first day in the House, we all knew he would be a major problem if he weren’t taken care of immediately. Thus, while his bags were being searched I started the obedience training. Like a dog from the pound that no one would want, he pushed back at first to my overtures of getting along. Even after I whipped out my cock and his hand was on it, I wasn’t sure if he was going to be a good boy and go down on me, or punch me in the face. Fortunately for him, after a bit of feather rustling, he did as was expected. And to tell you the truth, it wasn’t half bad, Maybe he’s just like an angry baby who cries until you put something in its mouth. Even while he was working my cock over good, he was still staring at me with those hate-you eyes. But that actually turned me on more, so I decided to check out his hole.

His cunt isn’t half bad for a delinquent. I figured that it would take a bit of effort, but not too much, to tame him. Sure enough, it was a bit of a loosening up process, but after several minutes had gone by, he was basically feeling just as good as all the other bitches we use around here. Definitely fucked his hole good, and I am thinking that he would be walking funny for a few days. But after a good pounding and a huge load of nut right into his mouth, he should cause fewer problems than initially thought.

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