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Sports Massage – Myott Hunter & Cain Marko

Young athletes who are truly dedicated and driven to become the best that they can be will sometimes push their bodies and minds to the limits. And so, having the awareness of when it is the appropriate time to rest- allowing your body, mind and spirit an opportunity to relax and fully recover. By consciously integrating rest periods with intense training sessions is key to ultimate performance – on the field, and in the bedroom! After a grueling week of practice, Coach Marko had the boys all revved up and ready to head into the upcoming semi-finals. Myott Hunter had already shown signs of true greatness in several ways. But what was most notable to Coach Marko was Myott’s natural leadership during tough games and also, his natural proclivity to ass-pound huge, passionate loads deep inside his favorite Coach’s ass! Myott’s continued growth and desire to meet all of Coach Marko’s hefty expectations was his top priority. And not just for the all-important semi-finals, but for a way to get to spend more one-on-one time with his deliciously sexy coach. Coach Marko started to notice how Myott had been really pushing himself hard to reach all of his physical and mental goals. He wondered if the boy was getting enough rest? The boy’s endurance during practices this week seemed to have lowered considerably. The coach quickly decided to set up an appointment with Myott to give him a full body sports therapy massage. The next afternoon after practice, Myott went to the sports therapy spa to meet with Coach Marko. Myott arrived a little early, but then took the opportunity to undress and get ready for his massage! In a last second act of modesty, Myott grabbed a white towel and wrapped it around his waist before lying face-down on the massage table. Moments later Coach Marko entered the room. He could only smile when he saw that Myott had covered himself with a towel. They knew each other carnally in every way by this point, so there was nothing they hadn’t seen of one another’s bodies. However, Marko was clever enough to realize that the boy truly did want a professional sports massage. And Coach Marko would certainly give him that– and so much more! Myott felt himself instantly go into a deep state of relaxation at Marko’s deep tissue massage techniques. The boy loved how thorough and exploratory Coach Marko’s hands felt all over his back, shoulders, calves, thighs and definitely the buttocks beneath the towel! Marko remarked to himself he really enjoys the touch of this perfect specimen’s round bottom. However, Coach Marko had other things he needed to do in order to continue on with the full body massage. He now instructed Myott to turn over and lie on his back. And while the massage continued and began to reach the abdomen and groin areas, Marko couldn’t help but notice how Myott’s flaccid penis was quickly coming to life! Myott was hard as a steel crane. Coach Marko trilled with erotic delight as his expert massage of the young athlete’s cock made the boy gasp and cry out with pleasure. It was the sudden amazing sensation of Marko’s wet, hungry mouth on Myott’s aching cock that caused it to pulsate in response! Coach Marko slowly and methodically slurped up and down on Myott’s hardon. The ultra-aroused young athlete knew that he wouldn’t last much longer. He could feel the limits of how much of this delightfully erotic therapeutic massage he could experience before needing to release his pent up tension and need. Instinctively, Coach Marko could sense what the young twink needed to get the final full benefits of their massage session together. The well-seasoned coach guided Myott’s impossibly hard cock to his ready daddy hole and allowed the horny boy to start plunging in and out of him! And it was surely a testament of how effective Coach Marko’s practices have been for all of his athletes, but especially effective on Myott. His natural ability to keep a good rhythm and pace, all the while hitting the desired target right on the bulls-eye, would make any respectable coach very proud! Now it was Myott’s turn to give a massage –an internal one– to Coach Marko. The wonderfully tight fuck-tunnel of the older man made Myott want to blow his load right then and there. Myott guided Marko into doggy position and anxiously began to pound the howling head coach into quite a state! When the Coach instructs his young jock boy to finish the massage by cumming inside his ass, Myott eagerly complies. His whole body, mind, senses and emotions come into perfect alignment– all thanks to his amazing Coach and all of his masterful healing touch.


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