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Aiden Ward & Matt Roudy – Kenny’s Raw Fucks Volume 2

Sometimes the guys we meet are so horny to fuck, there is no time to wait around or set it up. That’s what happened here, so Kenny grabbed a camera and took these two horn dogs to the back room of the office to get down to business.

Aiden Ward gives Matt Roudy the once over from front to back! Starting his inspection with a rear entry taste test, he soon forgets his manners and starts lapping up Matt’s asshole like a barnyard beast at the slop trough. Having his fill, Aiden turns Matt around to force-feed him a throatful of his thick cock.

With just spit for lube, Aiden bends Matt over forcing his massive member up his chute – jerking himself off with every thrust into that solid little muscle butt.

Matt gets tossed around the office like a slutty little fuck toy. On his back to on all fours, Aiden has his way and drills this pig harder and hard until this little piggy is creamed good and deep.

Aiden is known to not be satisfied cumming just once, so lucky Mr. Rowdy gets a second load of Aiden’s precious man milk.

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