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Ethan Tate & Tucker Barrett – The Hike

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I’m crazy about Ethan. I knew he was special the moment I laid eyes on him. Holding him in my arms and kissing him that first time almost blew my mind. It was the biggest honor to take his virginity. Of course, I played it way too cool to begin with. My head got in the way. I wasn’t sure it was hugely appropriate for a man of my age to become so attached to someone young enough to be my son. But when I discovered he’d been messing about with some of the other Scoutmasters, well, that dirty, little green-eyed monster inside of me started to make itself known! I decided to take Ethan on a hike – just the two of us. I needed to be alone with him. I needed to work out if he felt as strongly about me as I was starting to feel about him. I deliberately timed our hike to arrive back at camp when no one else would be around. I had it all planned out in my head. We’d hike, we’d laugh, we’d talk about feelings, then, we’d arrived back at camp and fuck like rabbits! It didn’t quite go according to plan. We walked for miles, but I just kept getting all tongue-tied. By the time we got back to camp, we’d talked about pretty much everything except the one thing I wanted to discuss. Angry with myself, I wandered off into the woods to take a leak, hoping to pluck up enough courage to broach the subject. My dick, of course, had been rock-hard all day, and it took forever for the flow to start! I suddenly heard footsteps and turned around to discover Ethan walking towards me. I made absolutely no attempt to hide my hard-on. If my mouth couldn’t find the words, I’d let my dick do the talking. And, of course, the moment he saw my big, swollen cock, he was entirely unable to look at anything else! He fumbled to unzip his shorts. I could tell his whole body was trembling with excitement. I simply smiled and shuffled a little closer to him. His shorts fell to the ground and I was excited to note that he was sporting a fairly spectacular erection! Within a millisecond, we were jerking away like a pair of naughty school boys. From then on, we couldn’t get enough of each other. We were groping and kissing like love-crazed teenagers. I was getting so into it that I almost forgot we were standing in the middle of the campsite! Part of me didn’t care, but the sensible Scoutmaster’s voice in the back of my mind reminded me that I needed to be prepared and on guard at all times… So I suggested we take ourselves into one of the tents. Once inside, we both felt more relaxed. Things were able to go a little more slowly and we started to make out like proper lovers. I could finally show him how special he is, how important he is to me… We slowly got naked and he began to wrap those beautiful, soft lips of his around the shaft of my rock-solid dick. It felt amazing. It occurred to me that his little indiscretions with the other Scoutmasters may have helped him finesse his craft. My hand made its way down to his tight ass, and I pushed a finger inside. I quickly had him on all fours. He arched his back and presented his beautiful hole to me expectantly. I asked if he wanted it, and without answering, he dutifully lay on his back and spread his legs seductively… like a good boy. Pushing my dick into his tight ass was a sensation I’ll never forget. There was some resistance to begin with, but then I felt myself being pulled into him – almost as though there was some sort of magnetic force tugging me inside. I started to slide in and out of him — slowly to begin with — all the while gazing down at his cute little face that had a look of pure, deep pleasure. As I started to pump him a little harder he began to groan and that just made me want to go deeper and faster until the boy was gasping and moaning uncontrollably. I needed him to see that I was the best. I needed him to feel addicted to me. I banged him from behind, then from the side, but eventually I found myself just wanting to stare down into his stunning ice-blue eyes, so I slung him onto his back again and held one of his legs up, pumping him mercilessly. He came with very little warning. His dick swelled up like crazy and then ropes of semen started flying across his stomach. I nutted inside him pretty darn quickly after that, pumping a massive load into him. The look on his face told me everything I needed to know… we’re not done. We’re nowhere near done. In fact, this thing’s only just started. That boy is mine.