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Nico Vegas Hot Ass

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Nico Vegas looks so hot as, bare chested, he sits on the bench while a helper stands behind him and rubs all over the sexy body. Niko gropes his shorts as the hands explore his chest. Then the hands reach down to open the shorts which are pushed down a little. The hands rub over Niko’s underwear too.Then as the hands explore the body and grope the underwear Nico reaches up to rub the helper’s arms too. The stiff cock is released from the underwear too. The helper moves to the side and starts to wank on that dick cock as Nico leans back on one elbow. His underwear is then removed to leave him completely naked and rock hard. Oil is dripped onto the stiff cock and rubbed over it. That big cock is wanked as it glistens with oil. Nico lays back and raises his legs to show off his hot ass hole too as that cock is wanked. His tight ass hole is rubbed too and is soon coated in oil as well. That hot ass hole is rubbed as the cock is wanked. A finger is pushed deep into the tight hole too as the stiff cock is wanked hard. Nico holds his legs up as his hot ass hole gets worked well. That cock is rock hard as it is wanked while the finger goes knuckle-deep into the hot hole. Nico’s legs close, trapping the throbbing cock between the thighs as the hole is fingered and the ass is rubbed. That hungry hole needs more and soon has a vibrator rubbing over it. The toy is pushed against the tight hole and eases inside. That hole is stretched as the vibrator goes deeper inside. That toy is held deep in the hole and then is pulled out again. It goes in and the hot hole is fucked with the toy as the cock stays rock hard too. Then Nico is turned over, onto his knees. The throbbing cock is pulled back through is legs and wanked more. Oil is poured over the hot ass gain too. That glistening hole soon feels the toy again, rubbing over it. The toy is pushed back into that hungry hole as the stiff cock is pulled back to be wanked hard. The hole grips the toy, to hold it in place and the stiff cock is rubbed and wanked. That hot ass hole is worked well. That sexy ass gets oiled again too and Nico reaches back to rub it. The cock is wanked hard as the toy slides up the ass again. The toy goes so deep into that hole as the dick is wanked too. The toy comes out for to show off the hole, but soon goes in again for more deep fucking. Then Nico turns over and lays on his back, legs up, with that dick still rock hard. His hole gets more of the toy fucking it as his cock is wanked. With the toy deep in his hole Nico’s cock erupts, sending the cum all over the place. The cock is milked and the tender head is rubbed while the cock is held deep in that hole.


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