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Sexy hairy chest good luck Phill is back

Sexy hairy chest good luck Phill is back
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A few weeks ago, I receive a call from this one time hit sexy Beefcake. I thought I had lost him for good, but if he saved my number, that is a good sign, right Hunters? That is why I always say that there is always hope that these straight open-minded guys come back to the BCH arena 🙂 Beefcake Phill and I agreed to meet at hotel an early morning and he was packing like a week load, no wonder as soon I started working my magic on his pants, and touching his beautiful hairy chest (something that really drives me crazy) got him totally in the zone. After I pulled off his pants and then his underwear, I remembered why I missed having him back. Besides being a very appreciative straight dude, his balls are amazing and his moaning and facial expressions tell everything. I am so glad that Sexy hairy chest good luck Phill is back! He really enjoys a good blow job, he is divorced now, so any new girlfriend better be taking good care of that cock, otherwise, Phill will be always in the lookout for a warm willing mouth. When he started moaning at a very early stage in the game, I knew that this could mean another case of an early orgasm. I don’t know what is going on lately, it seems that I am getting too good at this whole sucking thing LOL… but Phill was cool enough to warn me a couple of times, but when I got him in the stand-up position, I couldn’t hold myself and I accidently made him cum, he tried to stop it, but he came more than half way, poor thing, he was worry, but he made the effort to continue the show and give us the remaining jizz. Hmm Of course, he needed another extra push to continue, that was when I put my lips on his nipples, something that I was more than glad to do, and his reaction was another boner, a good one enough to pound my ass away in a surprisingly aggressive way. That week load was really causing his edging many times while doing so, but he managed to fuck me good for several minutes until he poured his remaining jizz on my butt, it was so hot seeing him so sweaty and exhausted! For being his first time fucking a man pussy, I think he did a good job! I hope you guys enjoy this Sexy hairy good luck Phill is back video Hunters!


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