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Roman Baren & Tomas Berger – Young Offenders

It seems Roman Baren has been caught stealing and he is interrogated by security man Tomas Berger who threatens to call the police. Roman is very keen not to have the police involved, but appears reticient to do what Tomas has in mind to prevent it. But he submits and wanks on Tomas’ big cock when it is pulled out. To avoid police involvement Roman has to do much more. That starts with him sucking on Tomas’ rock hard cock. The big dick fills his mouth as he sucks on it. Tomas grabs Roman’s head and pulls it onto his throbbing cock. He fucks the hot mouth for a while, opening his shirt to show his hot body too. Fully naked and rock hard Tomas strips Roman and bends him over. Then he slides that big cock into Roman’s ass. He fucks that hot hole deep and thrusts hard as he spanks too. Tomas’ big cock stretches Roman’s hole wide as he fucks with long, hard, strokes. Roman takes that big cock so well, lifting a knee onto the table to get even more of the dick inside him. Tomas pulls out and then shoves the dick back into the eager hole. He turns Roman over and lays him on the desk to fuck him some more. His big cock pounds Roman’s hole and Roman pulls on his own cock. He wanks hard and cums onto his hand as Tomas keeps fucking his hole. Then Tomas pulls out and dumps his cum onto Roman’s balls.

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