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Leos Legra’s Hot Ass

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Leos Legra has a helper as he sits in the chair in just some shorts. The helper feels over Leos’ hot body and reaches into the shorts too. After groping in the shorts they are pulled off to reveal Leos’ rock hard cock. A hand wanks on that cock, oiling it in the process. Leos feels his sexy chest as his dick is wanked. He turns around and threads his legs through the chair to show off his hot ass hole as his cock is held back thru the legs too. That hot ass hole gets oiled too and then a finger slides inside. The finger fucks into the hole and a second goes in as well. Leos takes the fingers with ease they are are fucked into his hot ass hole. Then the fingers are removed and that tight hole is shows off perfectly. A dildo is rubbed over the hole and is then pushed into it. It goes in and out, opening the hole up each time. The toy stretches that hole as is is fucked deep. Leos reaches back to spread his ass to get more of the dildo as it is fucked up his ass. That toy is discarded to be replaced by a nice fat plug. The plug is pushed against the hole opening up wide as it slides deep inside. Leos’ cock stays rock hard as his hole is stretched by the plug. Soon it is all the way inside and the ass lips grip it tight to keep it in place. With the plug up his ass Leos’ cock is oiled and wanked again too. Then the plug is removed from that ass and three fingers start to fuck hard into the hole. The ass is spanked too as the fingers work that hole. Leos’ is turned over and his legs are in the air, keeping that ass hole exposed. it soon gets plugged again, taking it easily and gripping it tight. Then the plug is removed and a dildo on a pole starts to fuck that hungry hole. Leos hold his feet in the air and his ass hole is fucked nice and deep. After that he lowers is legs and wanks on his stiff cock to release the hot cum. The helper grabs the cock too, milking it dry to end a great scene.