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Jerome & Ron

I have had a couple shoots lately where the models are making out before we even getting their paperwork done. Jerome and Ron were magnetically connected the moment they met. A couple times I had to tell them to save if for the cameras. We finally got them in front of the cameras and the fireworks started immediately. I feel like their passion is off-the-hook. Both Jerome and Ron were complimenting and encouraging the other the entire time.

Ron, who normally likes to bottom, even wanted a chance to fuck Jerome. Jerome, of course loves to bottom, and got his ankles in the air quickly. Seeing how turned-on Jerome was, Ron got harder and harder, showing-off his topping skills. They flipped positions. Since Ron cums easily while being fucked, we wanted to see him explode this way. And explode he does! Stripes of cum shoot out of his cock while Jerome hits his prostate in all the right spots. Jerome then breeds his hole. After filling him up, he outs Ron’s cum-soaked hole, then sharing a hot kiss with Ron.

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