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Mickey Knox Deep Dicks Ty Mitchell

In this weeks new gay porn video release from ColbyKnox, Mickey Knox finally gets his one on one time with gorgeous fan favorite Ty Mitchell!!! No script to this one, just letting the boys have fun and enjoy each others tight toned bodies is plenty to peek our interest. The two boys start out making out and embracing one another in a series of very sexy and very intimate moments, hard to believe there is a camera in the room at all. Mickey quickly lets Ty Mitchell know what type of lover he is by immediately seeking to please his partner, even from a position of dominance. (being the top) Mickey Knox goes right to feasting on that beautiful thick cock Ty Mitchell packs between his legs. Mickey slurps moans and sucks away on Ty’s front side for a good while before flipping him over to taste the back. Mickey buries his face in between Ties plump inviting butt cheeks and licks and laps away at his tight quivering hole. Ty is ready for it at this point, almost visibly drooling for more of Mickey’s loving firm embrace. Mickey Knox enters Ty’s ass slowly, easing it in before working his way up to hard and consistent rhythm. Watching Ty Mitchell’s ass flex and shake while Mickey Goes to town really is a beautiful sight. The two studs continue to toss and turn and moan and grunt as they consume each others bodies in a raw display of lust and carnality.

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