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Craig London & Alex Silvers – Hard Cuts 3

If you like your bottoms elfish barely legal twinks with a phenomenal gaping cock pocket, we got the prince of whores here in Alex Silvers. But the real star is Craig London and his stunning 8.5 uncut rock hard cock. Previously seen in group scenes in The 1,000 Load Fuck and Breeding Season 2, this gives Craig’s dick the showcase it deserves.

Boy pussy is on the menu for Craig tonight. He sees the perfect, taut, pink ring between Alex’s little bubble butt and starts salivating. No consideration for table manners, Craig immediately starts playing with his food — sucking, licking, spitting into, and stretching out. Craig switches between a sloppy feast of devouring Alex and dicking the kid’s boy-cunt hard and deep. Craig oozes precum as he fucks it into the kid’s guts. Each time he pulls out a steady stream of glistening cum flows out with it.

Sliding in and out of the almost virginal cavern – well no fucking way cos’ this boy can take a cock – on his back, on all fours, in a pile drive: you will quiver waiting to see the breeding. Well fucked with his legs spread wide, Alex’s tiny gape takes its final fuck before swallowing Craig’s sperm. Those babies are fucked in deep.

But wait – now that you have fallen in love with him and want him to breed you – this is only the first of two scenes featuring Craig London in Hard Cuts III.

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