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Chris Taylor Fucks Charles Owens In A House Construction Area

Chris Taylor Fucks Charles Owens In A House Construction Area
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Chris Taylor and Charles Owens forego a plush bed for their scene today, opting for more of a rustic setting as they start making out amidst the cool concrete and exposed framing of the unfinished basement. As they kiss and undress, Charles sucks on Chris’s cock and then makes Chris suck on his, balancing on two buckets as Chris lies on the cold floor licking and sucking Charles off. But Charles is horny as fuck and leans forward, joining Chris on the floor so they can 69 but Chris is craving more than a mouth on his dick as he stands Charles up, backing him between some 2×4’s as Charles pulls himself up between them and offers Chris his tight hole. Chris pushes his hard member into Charles bareback, pounding him fast and deep as Charles’s muscles bulge under the strain of keeping himself up, but he gets a break as they move things to the floor again so he can ride Chris good and hard. Chris flips Charles over onto his knees, pounding him doggy style as they kneel on the basement floor, Charles palming his own cock as Chris drives his dick deeper inside. When they’re ready to cum, Charles flips over onto his back and they both release their load, hot cum pooling around Charles’s softening dick as they lean in for one more quick kiss.


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