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Young plumber Mason gets blown

Happy New Year, Hunters! We start right the year here at BeefCakeHunter Land, introducing this Young Plumber Gets Blown video featuring Beefcake Mason, a hottie that, besides being a plumber, is also a Biker, so let’s take a ride with him into 2024. 🙂 Seeing him arriving on a bike wearing his all-black biker clothes and helmet was hot, so I had to take some pictures of that. Once he entered the BCH set, he was all smiles and fun to talk to; he made me feel comfortable and even asked for my name! Aww. Of course, even though he seemed outgoing, I noticed he was a little anxious about the expectation of what was coming because he was rubbing his cock, trying to get it ready for my mouth; that was perfectly understandable; after all, he told me this would be the first time a guy would suck him…yummy! Chatting with him, I learned that he had not received a blowjob in three months, so right after that, I decided it was time to get on my knees between his legs and do my job; he tried to help, but I was like no, let me do it myself lol and that is how this Young Plumber Gets Blown video begun From the first contact of my lips on his balls, he closed his eyes and started moaning. I started sucking him slowly until I got him totally in the “zone.” Beefcake Mason is a very appreciative young dude, so he acknowledged what I was doing to his delicious thick cock; he even went into instructing me that he likes me to use my hands too. Then I moved to his side and deep throat him good! A few minutes later, he even slightly faces fuck me; what a debut for this sexy young plumber, another one for the BCH Plumber Co, lol. Towards the end of the encounter, I continued using my hand and tongue to get that jizz out of him, and then in the most unexpected moment, he cum! But it was all good because he delivered a big load for us as he intended; he was exhausted but pleased and released, so I was. I hope you guys enjoy this 2024 welcoming video, Young Plumber Gets Blown.


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