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Colby Chambers & Mickey Knox Live with Jae Wilde

In this week’s new gay porn video release from ColbyKnox, the boys are breaking in a newcomer!!! Jae Wilde is absolutely stunning in this very shy reserved type of way. He knows he’s sexy as fuck, but he doesn’t want you to know that he knows hehe Those dark eyes and features paired with his golden tan skin tone, add up to a total 10!!! Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox are attempting to give him a light and fun introduction to doing live performances. This video is case in point why we still film these shows and add them as releases here on ColbyKnox.com, you just can’t fake this kind of authenticity. The shy awkward moments are just absolutely priceless!!! The boys start out getting Jae warmed up by sitting him right in between them and taking turns sucking his not so shy dick. Colby is practically drooling with anticipation to plant his big thick cock in between Jae’s thighs. The boys don’t spend to much time on foreplay, Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox getting Jae into position with his legs in the air for them. Colby is the first to slowly penetrate Jae’s tight hole, slowly and expertly easing in each inch and savoring every moment of it. Colby pumps and fucks away at the sexy newcomer until he just has to let himself cum and revel in the incredible feeling of his dick draining a long days load inside of Jae Wilde’s ass. Mickey Knox isn’t going to be left out on this one, quickly taking Colby’s place as he flips him over so his ass is in the air.

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