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Kane Fox Dicks Down Mickey Knox

Last time Kane Fox was at ColbyKnox he and Colby Chambers debated about who should bottom. Unfortunately, Kane “lost.” In this week’s update, Kane shares the studio bed with Mickey Knox. From his smile and confessed excitement, it’s a pretty good bet Mickey will be on the receiving end. 🙂 The lads, dressed only in shorts, start with romantic kissing. Mickey snacks one of Kane’s nipples. From there he swallows Kane’s tool. “Fuck,” Kane whispers. “That feels good.” Mickey swallows to the base, nuzzling Kane’s pubes. Mickey is all smiles when he comes up for air. “Look at that cock,” he says. “Hell, yeah!” Kane grabs a handful of Mickey’s booty. “I want to see that hole,” Kane exclaims. Shorts are quickly removed. Mickey gets on his hands and knees. Kane dives right in. “Play with my cock as you eat it,” Mickey begs. Kane’s tongue works on Mickey’s pole and hole. “You taste so good,” Kane observes. He spreads his spit all over the hairy hole, getting it prepped for a good fucking. “You want some dick now,” Kane wonders. He puts his bare dick at the opening, pushing it slowly in.”Yeah, fuck my ass,” Mickey groans. Kane is slow but once in the strokes are to the balls “You like that,” Kane asks. “Pound that fucking hole,” Mickey demands. He backs his booty back, taking everything Kane offers. Kane takes control, grabbing Mickey’s hips. “You’re so deep,” he whimpers. “You like that dick,” Kane wonders. Mickey’s groans of pleasure are the perfect answer. 🙂 He falls to his stomach. Kane continues deep dicking. Which is exactly what Mickey wants. He reaches back, smacking Kane’s backside. “Oh, my prostate,” Mickey sobs. It’s getting pummeled. Just the way Kane wants. The lads switch up. Kane gets on his back and Mickey straddles him. “Oh that was a lot,” Mickey exclaims as he sits down. The rod splits Mickey in two. They change positions for a third time. Mickey puts his legs in the air. Kane re-inserts his rod. Mickey’s mouth opens from the shock. His toes curl. “You like that dick,” Kane asks. “Fuck,” Mickey replies. “That feels so good.” He strokes his cock as his insides are hammered. “Fucking wreck me,” he begs. Kane bends Mickey in two and we get to see juices leaking out of Mickey’s ass. “Fucking rail me,” he begs. Kane takes such a request seriously. “You’re such a good boy,” Kane whispers. “You’re going to make me come,” Mickey says.”You’re going to make me come all over myself.” He’s been stroking his tool as Kane has hammered home. He doesn’t stop banging Mickey’s “special spot.” Mickey’s initial stream of cum hits his face. Kane needs to bust so he keeps fucking. When he’s close, Mickey wants him to leave his load on his face. Kane pulls out and shoots creamy cum on Mickey’s tongue, forehead, cheek, and chin. Some man juice even lands on the pillow under Mickey! The video turns black and the studs return. Cleaned up and dressed. Mickey interviews Kane. He’s been doing adult work for four years, starting out on OnlyFans. They have an incisive discussion about topping, bottoming, audience expectations, and video games. Great sex and conversation! A perfect combo.


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