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Dirty Scout 183

Today I got visited by a cute ginger with big ambitions. Unfortunately, the boy didn’t prepare very well for the interview because he had almost no idea what job he would like to do. He wanted to start a business… Just great, what I was supposed to do with that?! Then he wanted a desk job but had almost zero experience… Well, at least he was dressed nicely. I didn’t fuck a ginger for some time and this one looked tasty so I found him a job eventually. I did him a huge favour and now was my time to collect the reward. My new friend didn’t like my offers, he was very shy. As soon as I offered him money, his attitude changed quite a bit. He sucked me like a skilled whore and his ass felt like it could take an elephant cock. I had to try my red dildo on the boy and see how he would deal with that.

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