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Jaxx Thanatos & Silver Steele

Jaxx Thanatos is at the studio to star as this week’s bait! He’s been in the porn industry for about two years now and he’s amazing at what he does! Jaxx is big, beefy, and he has a killer ass as well as a big thick dick! Jaxx has never been on BaitBuddis.com before but he’s looking for to make some cash and get his meaty ass fucked by a big straight cock!

Silver is this week’s straight guy and he’s a really tall drink of water! Silver is 6’3” and weighs 205 pounds! Straight from Texas and horny, Silver has wanted to shoot a porn video for a while now and he has a ton of experience under his belt! He’s had multiple threesomes and sex is always on his mind!

While getting to know both guys, Caruso asked Silver what was the kinkiest thing that he has ever done… That’s when he confessed to Caruso that he had sex with a girl that was transitioning into a male! At that point, Caruso knew that he was pretty open minded so Caruso decided to skip the usual storyline and just went straight to the point. He told both guys that if they would have sex with each other then he could pay double the money… At first, Silver wasn’t cool with it but then he loosened up and decided to give it a shot! And, we’re so glad he did.

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