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Cory Kane & Thyle Knoxx

Cory Kane welcomes fellow Canadian Thyle Knoxx to CockyBoys for their first time together on screen! You see, the guys discovered they grew up in the same small town but just got together over the holidays. Now you get to see their first flip-fuck! After some affectionate smooching Thyle goes down on Cory’s thick uncut cock and soon in return Cory gives him the same familiar pleasure.

Cory goes a step further by rimming & fingering Thyle getting him ready to take his cock for the first time. Cory takes it easy to give Thyle time to get used to his raw cock but eventually starts thrusting in deeper and faster…and Thyle gets more into it. In fact when Cory starts pounding Thyle from the side, he’s ecstatic. And yet he’s eager to give back and does with one quick flip.

Thyle gets Cory on his stomach to get to his specialty of eating ass. He rims & fingers Cory, sucks his cock and primes him for dick. He proceeds to drill him Cory who soon works his hole on the thrusting dick. Thyle lies on top and pins him to the bed until he acts on Cory’s wishes and fucks him on his back. He keeps going hard until he fucks a load out of him. Seconds later he cums too! They quickly lie together kissing and Thyle is all ready to get something to eat!

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