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Peto Mohac & Gerasim Spartak – Young Offenders

Cute and handsome Peto Mohac has been caught stealing a phone and has to pay the consequences if he wishes to avoid being reported to the police. Gerasim Spartak is the sexy security man who is in charge. Peto desperately tries to find somewhere to hide the phone but only manages to slide it into his jeans. When Gerasim demands its’ return to avoid the police Peto eventually gives it up. But Gerasim isn’t finsihed. He decides he needs to search Peto thoroughly. So our young offender is made to strip off. Standing in just his underwear he feels Gerasim’s hand on his ass before he is make to knee. Gerasim opens his pants and pulls his stiff cock out. He wants it sucked and despite all Peto’s protestations that dick is soon in his mouth. He has to lick Gerasims balls too. His mouth is stuffed full of that big cock as Gerasim pulls the head onto it. He fucks his dick into Peto’s mouth. Then Gerasim gets fully naked and presents his cock again. Peto sucks the dick and lick the tight balls. Gerasim sits on a chair and pulls Peto down onto his cock for more sucking. That stiff cock fills Peto’s mouth and his face is slapped too. He is made to lick the shaft and suck the cock until Gerasim decides to move on to more. Peto hand to kneel on the chair, underwear down, presenting his sexy ass. That hot ass soon feels Gerasim’s throbbing cock pushing deep inside and fucking hard and fast. Peto takes that dick deep into his ass as Gerasim fucks as hard as he can. Gerasim spanks the ass cheeks too as he pounds the hot hole as hard as he can. He moves Peto, laying down so they can spoon as that big cock fucks the hot hole. Petr wanks himself as Gerasim’s dick stretches his hole wide and fucks it deep. Peto’s hard cock soon gives up the creamy cum as he takes that dick deep into his ass. He milks the creamy cum from his cock as Gerasim continues to fuck him hard. Then Gerasim pulls out of that tight hole and shoots his cum onto Peto’s balls.

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