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Barron Drills Elian

Barron Drills Elian
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Barron’s been welcomed back to CF in style, first by Dane and now by Elian! And with how eagerly and hungrily he swallows Elian’s cock every chance he gets in this episode, I think Barron’s as happy to be back as we are to have him back! For his part, Elian is most definitely happy to see Barron return. Barron’s big dick hits all the right spots for Elian, and his moans leave no doubt of that. Barron has himself an amazing cock, and he knows how to use it – he doesn’t just fuck Elian, but pistons that big cock in and out of Elian’s hole fast and hard, over and over again. There’s a certain point in the action here where Elian is straddling Barron and Barron is furiously thrusting up in to him, and Elian looks like he can barely even grasp just what Barron’s cock is making him feel. And as incredible as Elian’s orgasm must surely have felt, he was driven so wild by Barron’s cock that Elian looks even more turned to see Barron’s huge load blasting out – just check out the look on his face, and how he can’t help but jump down and suck up some of that cum! I think Elian might be Barron’s biggest fan now!


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