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Luca Dicks Elian

How does Elian take to having Luca’s huge, thick dick in him? As you might expect, Elian handles it like a champ. Indeed, I think he loved every single big, long, hard inch of it! Luca took a bit of convincing to give guy/guy action a shot. We knew we just had to see him plow another guy when we saw what Luca was packing, and were thrilled he was willing to give it a go. At that point, we knew we had to pair Luca up with someone who could take his cock! That someone also had to be someone who’d love getting railed by such an impressive dick, and who’d make sure Luca was left with no doubt at all sex with another guy could be hot as all hell. Well, mission accomplished all around! Elian handled Luca’s cock masterfully, Luca got to see how his dick drove Elian wild, and Luca also got treated so what was undoubtedly some of the most mindblowingly hot sex he’s ever had!

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