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Hot Summer Daze – Colby Chambers & Tannor Reed

In this new gay porn video release from ColbyKnox, we have more sweaty moan filled fun with the super flexible cam star Tannor Reed!!! Today Colby Chambers gets to spend the whole day in the sun with the talented young Twink. Colby joins Tannor Reed as he is getting a little bit of sun in preparation for an upcoming trip to MIAMI!!!! Colby Chambers comes in all sweet and innocent just wanting to lather the boy up with sunscreen so as not to burn his perfect supple skin, but we all know what Colby’s motives are. The day begins with Colby Chambers rubbing Tannor down as he relaxes on a raft in the pool. Colby eventually leads Tannor to his noticeably hard cock, throbbing and begging for attention from the sexy young Twink. After a fair amount of moaning and face fucking, Colby starts to move his eyes to the prize!!! Colby puts Tannor face down in the raft and starts to worship and lick the boys hungry young hole. Once Tannor Reed has been teased and primed, Colby slips his rock hard cock slowly into his sweet sweet asshole. The two go at it right there in the raft in the middle of the pool on a beautiful North Carolina day, both humping and pumping away as they satisfy their lust for one another. We won’t spoil the ending for you but lets just say its wet and wild!!!

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Added: 23-06-2019 Duration: 21 min. Genre: Amateur, Bareback, Twink Channel: Featuring: , Views:
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