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Flecos Cayden & Jesse Evans

After his first duo we were quickly arranging another appearance for Fleco, and Jesse was definitely interested in having some horny fun with the guy. We join the two while they’re getting to know each other, naked and kissing, those uncut dicks already out and ready for action. It’s almost romantic the way they take their time, lovingly slurping each other’s tools, savoring the taste of their friend and working up an appropriate appetite for the full-on fuck to come. When Jesse lays back and welcomes his new buddy to slide in Flecos doesn’t hesitate, once inside he’s jabbing away at that hot hole and prodding Jesse’s prostate. The guys are definitely getting closer to the gooey finish when handsome Jesse kneels to get it good and hard from behind, but the two finish with something we all love to see, a shared wank with their big boners pumping cream together. A little kiss to say thanks for the fun and the two are done, but probably not for long.

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